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Educational Departments
Department of Ifta
This department replies the fatwa (question) of people across the country in the light of the holy Quran and Hadith and satisfies them. This department avails the services of three Muftis. The department also enrolls students who have already completed their Dawra Hadith to train them how to compose fatwa. In order to train them in this very field 15 teachers are appointed including the three Muftis.
Department of Dars-e-Nizami
The department provides education right from the basic Persian and Arabic to Daura Hadith. In the beginning of two years along with Urdu and English the necessary education of History of Islam is also offered as well Tajweed and Qirat is also imparted. English is taught up to the standard of class sixth, while computer is taught in class fifth and sixth. This department has nearly 18 teachers while 265 students. Due to the huge lessons and books the teaching period has been set up 45 minutes instead of 60 minutes. Alhamdulillah, the score of students passed out from the Jamia counts in thousands.
Department of Tahfiz al-Quran (Hifz)
In this department students are made to memorize the holy Quran by heart with tajweed and correct rules. They are taught how to write and read Urdu. They are asked to revise namaz, Kalimah, Diniyat etc on regular basis.
Department of Tajweed
It is an active department of Jamia. It provides the education of Tajweed and Qirat (Hafs) as well reading and writing of Urdu. It is also responsible to make the students aware of necessary Islamic rulings. It aims to prepare such students who could recite the holy Quran with tajweed with correct pronunciation and articulation so that they could especially cop up with the negligence and indifference which is prevalent towards tajweed. As a result of all its characteristics this department is not only known in the surrounding areas but also in far off places of the country.

Department of Primary Education
This department enjoys the services of such experienced and disciplined teachers for the basic education of the students who could be of help for them and embellish their future. The medium of instruction is Urdu right from the beginning up to fifth standard. Their examination is also affiliated with UP Educational Board. The students are also taught Diniyat and Nazirah in the primary classes.
Junior High School
It is also run by Jamia. Primary classes are in force since 1960 continuously. However, it was affiliated with Board in 1991 and thus it was granted the status of Junior High School. By the grace of Allah the record of this school has been satisfactorily for last several years. The students score excellent marks each year. The students passed out from here have been enrolled in Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi, Aligarh Muslim University and in other colleges and universities. That is why today we do not find any other institution better and established than it in the area.
Department of Ihtimam (VC Office)
It is responsible to supervise the academic and constructional activities of Jamia and to settle all the matters related to the administration.  VC Office handles all internal and external affairs of Jamia and it has the authority to appoint or dismiss teachers and staff. Ma-shaAllah, Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Abdullah Mughisi Sahib holds this post since 1960.
Department of Education
It is an important department of Jamia. It is responsible to settle all the educational affairs, to organize the examination; to set up timetable for the lessons and classes as well to prepare certificates, attestations, certification, testimonials, and mark sheets ect and distribution scholarship to the students.
Department of Publication
Along with the progress in the field of educational and constructional Jamia has gone ahead in the field of publication. The following books have been published from Maktaba Gulzar-e- Hussainia and received positive response from the public.

  1. Khutbat-e-Mughisi, Vol. I  (Urdu)
  2. Khutbat-e-Mughisi, Vol. II (English)
  3. Khutbat-e-Mughisi, Vol. II
  4. Biography of Hafiz Muhammad Hussain () the founder of Jamia
  5. Khutbat-e-Bangalore
  6. Maqalat-e-Mughisi
  7. Majlis-e-Zikr
  8. Haqiqat-e-Baiyat
  9. Namaz Mutarjim (Urdu)
  10. Namaz Mutarjim (Hindi)
  11. Husn al-Tajweed
  12. Qurbani Ka Sharai Nizam
  13. Mayyat Ka Sharai Nizam
  14. Ahkam-e-Mayyat (Urdu)
  15. Ahkam-e-Mayyat (Hindi)
  16. Islamic Basic Reader (1, 2 & 3)
  17. Hussaini Dawami Jantari
  18. Hussaini Baghdadi Qaidah

Department of Propagation
This department publishes the monthly magazine of Jamia “Yadgar-e-Aslaf” as well as it publishes pamphlets as when required, arranges for banners, prepares the advertisement and invitation letter, publishes reformative literatures, receipts, dispatches letters etc and replies them and provides information to media and newspapers regarding the Jamia and its programme.
Ajnuman Bazm-e-Hussaini
In order to train the students in the field for speech and writings Jamia set up this department so that the students could utilize their written and verbal abilities. The teachers of Dars-e-Nizami supervise this department. This department has set up six separate Ajnumans and has appointed teachers to monitor. On the opening and closing of each academic session a common gathering is organized under the supervision of the teachers and Mohtamim. This department also publishes wall magazines in Urdu such as “Al-Hussaini”, “Al-Rasheed”, and “Al-Muzaffar” so that the students could learn how to send their message to others in written form and could become a good preacher and interpreter of Islam.
Department of Preaching and Reformation (Tabligh and Islah)
It was set up to spread Islamic teachings and to raise the words of Allah. Students visit surrounding areas every week on Thursday under the supervision of teachers. It benefits the students and the people a lot. This year the Jamia sent 48 Jamats while it provided Ameers to 21 Jamats. On the occasion of vocation after annual examination 9 Jamats of Chilla (forty days) went from here while 13 passed out students have gone in Jamat for one year.
Library is the true spirit and soul of madrasas and universities as it cannot progress without it in the education. The library issues books to the students and teachers for their benefit in the month of Shawwal and takes back in the month of Shaban each year. The library of Jamia has the collection of various sciences and arts which amounts nearly 33430.
Department of Organization and Development
It is not possible to meet the need of educational and construction projects without financial. So we set up it to collect amounts and grain etc. This department is responsible to send Safeers in the month of Ramadan and other months. This department plays a key role in the promotion of any madrasa or Jamia.
Kitchen and Warehouse
This department provides food to the guests and external students who come here. While it also stocks the eatable stuffs as and when required.
Darul Iqamah (Hostel Office)
It is the responsibility of this department to arrange the loading for outsider students in Jamia, to train and watch them, to provide them quilts in winter, to watch the study and conversation. Two active teachers are appointed to control it. Darul Iqama has its permanent building in which students are provided the facilities as per the capacity. Jamia provides two cupboards and one bed to each student.

Guest House
The existence of guest house is a must for the stay and food of the guests, thinkers, intellectuals and Ulama who visit this Jamia across the country. Two caretakers are appointed to perform all the related work of the guest house.
Electricity Office
Jamia has generator, tube well, flour mill, water and electricity supply system in the whole complex. Two expert electricians provide their best to keep the services intact.
Account Department
It is its first and foremost responsibility to keep the records of income and expenditure of Jamia consistent, to pay the electricity and telephone bills and prepare annual balance sheets of income and expenditure.
Al-Nadi al-Arabi (Students’ Union for Arabic)
This department was set up to train the students how to write and speak Arabic language. Students speak Arabic as per their capacity under the supervision of the teachers. Also it publishes one monthly magazine “Al-Yaqza” as well as one fortnightly “Al-Nahza” which is inspected and checked by three teachers.
Computer Institute
It is obvious that we are living in the age of engineering and technology. Each day new discoveries are made which bewilders and astonishes our minds. Some fly in the sky while some have reached in the moon. Today technology has become a part of our lives. Jamia started a computer institute, so that the Muslim community could be trained in computer education. And the students who would be among the people tomorrow after they pass from here could not fall in inferiority complex. The staffs of this department consist of one in-charge, one supervisor, two computer operators, two Urdu and English teachers and one peon. The department has innumerable students. In order to provide facility in transportation one Branch was started in Madrasa Riyazul Uloom Shahjahanpur which has good performance.

 Functional Arabic Course (NCPUL)
The Indian government introduced Functional Arabic Course for the graduates of madrasa and for the students of higher education under the National Council for the Promotion of Urdu Language managed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development. Viewing to the importance of this course Jamia has been running the course from last five years. It has 54 students at present.
Tailoring Centre
The department of tailoring is among those that were started taking first step towards craft and art. Here students are trained in cutting necessary dresses and clothes and stitching. The duration of this course is two years. The students are awarded diploma certificate on compilation of this course.
Dar al-Shifa (Hospital)
It is one of the new departments of Jamia. It works on voluntary basis for quick treatment to save the educational time. It has two permanent doctors and one compounder.  Five doctors of the village see and check up to 30 patients daily voluntarily. It also gets the services of expert doctors and nursing homes etc in emergency cases.
Madrasa Ayesha Lil-Banat

The teachers appointed in this department embellish the future of the girls through their higher education and nurture them. Along with religious and modern education the emotion of national and communal harmony is inculcated and blown inside them. This department has been offering its services for 19 years with great sincerity, adherently, diligently and mirthfully. Competent teachers are appointed so that the students could find it easy to understand the subjects. As a result the number of girls in beginning classes is in hundreds. They come in time and get busy in learning. Theirs is a separate building from that of the boy students in madrasa Lil Banat where aged male teachers and female teachers offer their services. More than 600 students are getting education in it as per the Education Department of UP Govt. Along with the religious education they are taught modern sciences such as Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Home Science, and computer, besides they are also taught tailoring, embroidery etc practically. It is necessary for them to wear blue jumper and white shalwar and dupatta. It is also must for them to observe purdah at the time of attending the school.
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