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Old Campus
It refers the place whose foundation stone of was laid down in the time of Hadhrat Al-Haj Hafiz Muhammad Hussain Sahib (RA) 1286/1377 Hijri. It comprises nearly fifty rooms such as two storied mosque, Rector’s Office, Education Office, Guest House, Tabligh Centre, Hifz and Tajweed classes. All the students of Hifz and Tajweed reside in this building. In the same campus is the kitchen and library of Jamia which now is attached to the new building of Madrasa Ayesha Lil-Banat and is used for computer and tailoring centre for girls.
Hussaini Mosque and Founder’s Room
This mosque is the relic of the founder of Jamia Hadhrat Hafiz’s Sahib (RA) time. A hundred year ago the foundation of this garden of knowledge and learning started from here. The room of Hafiz Sahib now has been expanded after removing middle wall and putting new slab and now is used for Hifz class. It reminds us the age of Hafiz Sahib. Today there is a long chain of buildings around it such as the classes of Hifz and Qirat, Old Dar al-Hadith, Rector’s Office, Education Department, Account Office, Guest House, Maktaba Jamia, and residential rooms of teachers. If it is expanded on an even land then it may be changed into a beautiful village.
Maulana Abdullah Mughisi Complex
It was decided to construct again some rooms attached to this mosque and the old building i.e. Naudarah just in front of the mosque which was quite timeworn and dilapidated. Alhamdulillah, the well-wishers of Jamia extended their helping hands in its construction and now this building has been completed which comprises wudhu khana, bathroom in its lower floor, kitchen and Maktaba along with six rooms on second floor and three rooms on upper floor. The building is called ‘Maulana Abdullah Mughisi Complex’. This very complex has the beautiful main gate of Hussaini Masjid and attractive and magnificent dome which is used for water tank.
Madrasa Ayesha Lil-Banat
A two storied building has been erected adjacent to the old campus in the village. In which 400 local girls are getting education. But due to the increasing number of students day by day now this building has fallen short. Its foundation stone was laid by Hadhrat Mohtamim Sahib.
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