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Introduction of Jamia
Founder of Jamia
Foundation of Jamia
Patrons of Jamia and their Introduction
Mohtamims (Rectors) of Jamia
Principals of Jamia (Sadr al-Mudarrisin)
Endorsements by Patrons and Scholars Visiting Jamia
How to Donate Jamia
Plans and Projects
Contact Details
Introduction of Departments
Educational Departments
Old Campus
New Campus
Curriculum of Jamia
Primary Class
Junior High School
Computer Centre
Tajweed and Qirah
Elementary Class
Takmil-e-Fiqh (Ifta)
Admission Rules and Guidelines
Primary Class
Nursery Class
(1) Qaida Baghdadi
(2) Noorani Qaida
(3) Naya Qaida Urdu
(4) Islamiyat
(5) Counting up to 5 oral and written
(6) Table up to 5
(7) Method of five times salah
(8) Written exercise on tablet
(9) Respect of the Classroom and Elders.
Class I
(1) The first book of Molvi Muhammad Ismail Complete
(2) Basic Urdu Reader Part One
(3) Gayan Bharti Hindi Part One
(4) Islamiyat Part One
(5) Para Am
(6) Counting up to 100
(7) Table up to 10
(8) Five times salah
(9) Three Kalimah
(10) Urdu and Hindi alphabet writing
(11) English A to Z with written exercise
(12) Method of Performing Salah
(13) Respect of Elders and Classrooms.
Class II
(1) The second book of Molvi Muhammad Ismail Half One
(2) Gyan Bharti Hindi Part Two
(3) Basic Mathematic Part Two
(4) Dini Talim Ka Risala Part One
(5) English Primer 10 Pages
(6) The holy Quran Five Paras
(7) Islamiyat Part Two
(8) Five Kalimah
(9) Method of Salah
(10) Table up to 15
(11) Hindi and Urdu Writing
(12) Respect of the Classrooms and Elders.
Class III
(1) The Second Book of Molvi Muhammad Ismail Meeruti Second Half
(2) Gyan Bharti Hindi Part Third
(3) Basic Mathematic Part Three
(4) Science Part One
(5) Samaj Part One
(6) Dini Talim Ka Risala Part Two
(7) Islamiyat Part Three
(8) English Primer up to Page 20
Class IV
(1) The Third Book of Molvi Muhammad Ismail Meeruti Half One
(2) Science
(3) Hamri Duniya Hamara Samaj Part Two
(4) Gyan Bharti Hindi Part Four
(5) Noorul Qawaid First Half
(6) Dini Talim Ka Risala Part Three
(7) English Reader
(8) Basic Hisab Part Four
(9) Islamiyat Part Four
(10) The holy Quran up to 20 Parts
(11) Five times salah with Janazah Salah and Dua-e-Qunoot etc.
(12) Table up to 22
(13) English Counting up to 50 With Spelling by Heart
(14) Urdu, Hindi and English Writing Exercise.
Class V
(1) Basic Urdu Reader
(2) Science Part Three
(3) Hamari Duniya Hamara Samaj Part Three
(4) Gyan Bharti Hindi Part Five
(5) Dini Talim Ka Risala Part Four
(6) English Reader
(7) The Third Book of Molvi Muhammad Ismail Half Last
(8) Basic Math Part Five
(9) Nurul Qawaid
(10) Complete holy Quran
(11) Islamiyat Part Five
(12) Table up to 25
(13) English Counting up to 100 With Spelling by Heart
(14) Complete Salah with Janazah Salah with Dua-e-Qunoot etc.
(15) Urdu, Hindi and English Writing Exercise
(16) Urdu, Hindi, English Dictation.
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