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Foundation of Jamia
One century ago, when Ajrara and the neighborhood was drowned in the darkness of innovations, nonsensical and deviation, the un-Islamic customs were welcomed by the people and there was no ray of hope visible over farther horizons, in these gruesome conditions, Hafiz Sahib continuously harbored the concern to reform the area. Some other local insightful persons strengthened his views and thus he started a maktab to impart religious education to the Muslim children. For some years, he alone carried out the educational and reform activities, later the others also extended him their support after analyzing the far-reaching positive effect of his noble efforts. This motivated him to establish a madrasa for which he consulted his Peer (spiritual guide) Hadhrat Maulana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi.  Hadhrat Gangohi could not attend the foundation ceremony due to his illness, but he handed over a brick to Hafiz Sahib and prayed for his success. Thus the foundation stone of the Madrasa was laid down in Muharram 1323 AH.

The Madrasa kept on progressing gradually with public support and gained popularity by Allah's grace. Owing to its founder's midnight supplications and untiring efforts, this madrasa was transformed into a Jamia (university) which emerged as key religious centre and great educational and spiritual hub of Northern India. It is illuminating and benefitting the whole of India directly or indirectly. The present Head and Mohtamim (Rector) Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Abdullah Mughisi played key role to get it known throughout India. At present, nearly 200 branches of the Jamia are active .
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