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Admission Rules and Guidelines
  1. No student shall be allowed to leave madrasa during class time without the permission of Mohtamim or Head of the academic staff.
  2. Student who is absent from madrasa for more than one week without the permission shall be liable to expulsion.
  3. Student absent due to exam shall be liable to expulsion or demotion.
  4. Student going for long vocation it shall be must for him to submit the books of Jamia.
  5. Each student may be given leave of one month in exigent cases.
  6. If a student who receives stipend (wazifah) or food from Jamia fails in the exam his facilities shall be terminated.
  7. It shall be necessary to attend the class regularly as well as to study alone and in group as well to respect the class.
  8. It shall be necessary to follow the order of Nazim of Talimiat regarding the distribution of lessons.
  9. Hardworking students who secure highest marks in the final exam shall be conferred with special award.
  10. If the student is unable to qualify the main books in annual examination then he shall not be eligible for promotion.
  11. If a student commits a job which is against the interest of Jamia he shall be liable for punishment.
  12. It shall be necessary for each student to respect all the teachers and authorities of Jamia.
  13. Each student will have to follow the rules and regulations of Jamia and avoid violence.
  14. Each student will have to stay on the same seat which is allotted to him by the Nazim of Darul Iqamah.
  15. Each student will have to maintain good manners and conduct by his words and acts.
  16. It shall be necessary to offer fardh and wajib specially five times salah with jamah.
  17. It shall be necessary to wear Shariah dress and keep visage as per the Shariah, a student shall be liable for expulsion in case of non-Shariah visage.
  18. It is a punishable act to stay at other’s seat without the permission of Nazim Darul Iqamah or get some strange person stay with him.
  19. It shall be necessary to keep the place neat and clean, in case of violation student shall be liable for punishment.
  20. A student whose beard is trimmed or shaved shall not be eligible for admission
  21. It shall be necessary for all students to strictly follow the above mentioned rules and regulations..
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