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Introduction of Jamia
Founder of Jamia
Foundation of Jamia
Patrons of Jamia and their Introduction
Mohtamims (Rectors) of Jamia
Principals of Jamia (Sadr al-Mudarrisin)
Endorsements by Patrons and Scholars Visiting Jamia
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Introduction of Departments
Educational Departments
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Curriculum of Jamia
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Takmil-e-Fiqh (Ifta)
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Principals of Jamia (Sadr al-Mudarrisin)
# Name Period
1 Hadhrat Hafiz Muhammad Hussain, Founder 1323 to 1325
2 Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Idrees Muzaffar Nagari 1325 to 1328
3 Hadhrat Maulana Hakim Muhammad Yusuf Kithori 1328 to 1329
4 Hadhrat Maulana Abdur Rahman Peshawari 1329 to 1331
5 Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Yamin Bijnori 1331 to 1340
6 Hadhrat Maulana Muniruddin Bihari 1340 to 1342
7 Hadhrat Maulana Abdul Sami’ 1342 to 1345
8 Hadhrat Maulana Nazir Hussain Amrohwi One month only
9 Hadhrat Maulana Shamsul Haq Meeruti 1345 to 1369
10 Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Qasim Bijnori 1369 to m1370
11 Hadhrat Maulana Hakim Abdul Awwal Rasikh al-Qasmi Ajrarwi 1370 to 1379
12 Hadhrat Maulana Abdul Latif Ajrarwi 1379 to 1381
13 Hadhrat Maulana Hakim Abdullah Mughisi 1381 to 1399
14 Hadhrat Maulana Sayed Aqeel Ahmad Qasmi Jaraudawi 1399 to till now
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