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Special Letter from: Hadhrat Maulana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi (RA) To: Hadhrat Hafiz Sahib (RA) Founder of Jamia

Assalamu Alaikum
I received your letter and was informed about you. Alhamdulillah, now my illness is over completely. However, I feel some weakness which shall go away. And the person who said that I should give bai’at (vow of allegiance) with the condition of Aamil and Kamil, it should be noted that neither I am Aamil nor Kamil. Don’t bring him here as he won’t be able to achieve his goal from here. I pray for the madrasa.
Rasheed Ahmad
Hadhrat Maulana Khalil Ahmad Saharanpuri (RA)
I have visited this madrasa a few times. Hafiz Muhammad Hussain sahib is its founder and Mohtamim (rector). The students of this area were quite away from the holy Quran and Islamic sciences. Hafiz sahib felt pity over them and started this madrasa. Several teachers have served in this madrasa. Some students after completing their education from here have got admission in Mazahir Uloom Saharanpur and Darul Uloom Deoband. I acknowledge the services of this madrasa. I request all the Muslims to support this madrasa.
Khalil Ahmad
(Nazim Madrasa Mazahir Uloom Saharanpur)

Hakimul Ummah Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (RA)
I attended the meeting of madrasa Islamia Arabia Ajrara and was pleased to see the madrasa. Alhamdulillah, the condition of madrasa is enviable from the first day of its inspection. May this madrasa progress by leaps and bounds! Amen!
Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Ashiq Ilahi Meeruti
4 Shaban, 1336 AH

Shaikhul Islam Hadhrat Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madni (RA)
We praise Allah and seek blessings and peace for the Prophet (PBUH)!
I chanced to visit madrasa Islamia Arabia (Gulzar-e-Hussainia) Ajrara, Meerut when Hafiz Muhammad Hussain arranged the annual function. The annual results of the recitation of the children and the students and other things are visible to all which show that the struggle of Hafiz sahib is fruitful. It is also hoped with the inspection of these events that it shall bring a better result next year. The local people find it hard to manage this madrasa due to inflammation without the support of outsider donors. Hence it is hoped that the rich ones would support madrasa Ajrara more and more, and shall earn reward.
Hussain Ahmad
22 Muharram 1353 Hijrah

Hadhrat Maulana Ilyas (RA), Founder of Tablighi Jama’at
I attended the annual meeting of madrasa Islamia Arabia Ajrara, Meerut on the request of Hafiz Muhammad Hussain Sahib. His struggle and hard work is imitable. This madrasa is fraught with sincerity. But due to poverty it needs every kinds of support. The Muslims should support it with their opinion, good words, money and as per their capacity.
O Allah make it green and a fountain of knowledge and virtues with your kindness! Amen!
Muhammad Ilyas
6 Muharram 1353 Hijrah

Shaikhul Hadith Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Zakariya Sahib (RA)
(Mazahir Uloom Saharanpur)
We praise Allah and seek blessings and peace for the Prophet (PBUH)! I cannot forget you people and Hafiz Muhammad Hussain Sahib in my prayer due to his madrasa. Madrasa Ajrara is a monument of my elders. I attended the annual function of the madrasa as long as I could. I am indebted to Hafiz Sahib. From 1335 to 1344 he used to listen my Quran in the holy month of Ramadan after Asr salah. I felt immerse pleasure with the construction of madrasa. May Allah complete it with His blessings! Also may He provide it every types of financial and spiritual progress! I acknowledge the services of this madrasa. I appeal to all the brethren in Islam to support for the same.
Muhammad Zakariya (From Medina)
27/01/1376 AH

Hadhrat Maulana Qari Sayeed Ahmad Ajrarwi (RA)
Grand Mufti, Mazahir Uloom Saharanpur
I gave the examination of Arabic and Persian classes of Madrasa Islamia Arabia Gulzar-e-Hussainia Ajrara, Dist Meerut, on 25 Shaban 1352 Hijrah. The students of Arabic classes are very intelligent. May Allah keep this trust of my elders and the benefit of this mother knowledge of mine till the Day of Judgment!
Sayeed Ahmad Ajrarwi
(Grand Mufti Mazahir Uloom Saharanpur)
25 Shaban 1325 Hijrah

Hakimul Islam Hadhrat Maulana Qari Muhammad Tayyib Sahib (RA)
Ex-Mohtamim Darul Uloom Deoband
We praise Allah and seek blessings and peace for the Prophet (PBUH)!
Around 10 or 11 years ago when I visited this madrasa it has very few buildings rather there was not any permanent building that one could consider it a madrasa. But today only within a few times I found the atmosphere of this madrasa quite different. Very pleasant and permanent building has been erected. The students abound in number. It cannot be attributed except of the sincerity of the administrator of the madrasa. One is attracted towards moral and deeds. The external attraction of a madrasa is that the well-wishers are attentive towards it and the students are the origin of its external, eternal, educational and moral construction. It is the effect of the truth of this madrasa people and sincerity. I felt immense pleasure to see the external and eternal of this madrasa. May this madrasa progress by leaps and bounds! May Allah accept the struggles of its workers and supporters! Amen!
Muhammad Tayyib
Darul Uloom Deoband
25/05/1327 AH (On his Ajrara Visit)

Hadhrat Maulana Mufti Mahmoodul Hasan Gangohi (RA)
Grand Mufti Darul Uloom Deoband
I visited madrasa Islamia Arabia Gulzar-e-Hussainia Ajrara, Dist Meerut and Maulana Abdul Ahad Sahib, teacher Darul Uloom Deoband took me around the madrasa. I gave the exam of Kanz al-Daqaiq class. My heart prayed for it on my visit that may Allah grant this monument of Hafiz Muhammad Hussain Sahib external and meaningful progress. May He give students and teachers more capacity and sincerity! May He save them from evils! May He make the struggles of Maulana Abdullah fruitful and accept it. Amen!
Mahmoodul Hasan

Shaikh al-Adab Hadhrat Maulana Wahiduz Zaman Kairanavi (RA)
Madrasa Gulzar-e-Hussainia Ajrara is very famous in the area due to its numerous characteristics. Maulana Muhammad Abdullah Sahib who is known for his special status in congregative and collective struggles instead of his various engagements helped this madras to achieve a high place and has played prominent role in bringing religious awareness and collective consciousness in the area. It is not only the educational centre it is also greatly attached to Ulama and pious persons. Thus it is not only a madrasa rather it is a bright minaret of dawah and tabligh. The system and discipline of madrasa and good shipshape is visible in each and every department. As a whole I felt immense pleasure after giving the exam of Arabic classes. I found several students very intelligent and competent. May Allah provide each and every support to this madrasa! Amen!
(Maulana) Wahiduz Zaman Kairanvi (RA)
Nazim Talimat Darul Uloom Deoband
19 Shaban 1395 AH

Hadhrat Maulana Qari Muhammad Siddiq Sahib (RA)
Ex-Rector Jamia Islamia Hathora, Banda
It was my long desire to visit Jamia Gulzar-e-Hussainia Ajrara. The village is the native place of my teacher Hadhrat Mufti Sayeed Ahmad the Grand Mufti of Mazahir Uloom Saharanpur. He received his education up to Hidayah from this very madrasa. Today I stayed here for a while and could not stay here for the night due to some problems. I promised to stay here up to Jumuah salah. Our elders have been visiting this village and madrasa whose divine lights and blessings are felt.  The mental peace which I received on my visit in this madrasa I could not get in other madrasa. May Allah save this madrasa from each and every evils and mischief! Amen!
Siddiq Ahmad
(4 Muharram 1417 AH, Thursday)

Hadhrat Maulana Sayed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi (RA)
All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. And may blessings and peace be on the holy Prophet Muhammad, the last of the Prophets, and his family and companions, all of them.
Today, on 3rd Zul Qadah 1408 AH / 18 June 1988 AD I chanced to visit madrasa Islamia Arabia Gulzar-e-Hussainia Ajrara. It was my long intention to visit it. The rector of madrasa Maulana Muhammad Abdullah Mughisi a great scholar of this area and always ready to perform major duties in the area had invited me for a long time. Now today I visited it and was honoured with the meeting of teachers, and seeing the madrasa and addressing the Ulama and authorities of madrasa. I felt immense pleasure to see their interest in religion and social work.
The madrasa was founded by Hafiz Muhammad Hussain Sahib (RA) who was a wali of his time and greatly attached to our elders. He regularly visited Saharanpur, Raipur and Deoband. Also our elders and ancestors liked him whose blessings are visible in this madrasa. That is why this madrasa is a hub for religious and social services in the area. The overanxious and struggle of Maulana Muhammad Abdullah has a great part in its current performance and truthfulness. The score of students, diligence of teachers and the good management of madrasa all are delightful and heartening. I feel immense pleasure on my visit here. I pray Allah to spread its benefit more and more and accept the hard work of the authority and make all these useful for the Ummah. Amen!
Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi
(Ex-Nazim Nadwatul Ulama Lucknow,
President All India Muslim Personal Law Board)
(Maulana) Sayyid Muhammad Rabey Nadwi
(Maulana) Muhammad Salman Hussaini Nadwi
Dr. Ishtiyaq Hussain Quraishi
18 June 1988 AD

Hadhrat Maulana Qazi Mujahidul Islam Qasmi (RA)
All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. And may blessings and peace be on the holy Prophet Muhammad, the last of the Prophets, and his family and companions, all of them.
Darul Uloom Gulzar-e-Hussainia does not need that a person like me to attest it or write its inspection report. I am writing a few lines on this register merely for my bliss and dignity and for good fortune. I dare to write in this inspection register only to get my good fortune as the register contains the writings of Hadhrat Maulana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi, Hadhrat Maulana Khalil Ahmad Saharanpuri, Hadhrat Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madni and other Ulama, elders and ancestors (RA). I am proud to be a barb of the garden whose blossomed flower they are. Just due to this attribution I am happy and piercing my minor writing in the silk pearl though it is the graft of burlap in silk, but:
I love pious people, though I am not of them
I hope that Allah shall give me taufiq to be pious
And the Hadith “a person will be resurrected with whom he loves” may apply me.
Mujahidul Islam Qasmi
(Ex-President All India Muslim Personal Law Board,
Qazi Imarat-e-Shariah Bihar and Orissa,
General Secretary All India Milli Council)
03/08/1997 AD
Muhammad Rizwanul Qasmi/Muhammad Salman Siddiqui

Faqih Ummah Hadhrat Mufti Muzaffar Hussain Sahib (RA)
We praise Allah and seek blessings and peace for the Prophet (PBUH)!
Jamia Islamia Arabia Gulzar-e-Hussainia Ajrara, Dist Meerut is a famous institution of north India which was founded by Hadhrat Hafiz Muhammad Hussain (RA) on the instruction of Imam Rabbani Hadhrat Maulana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi (RA). Almost all the high personalities of the country have been visiting this madrasa. Hadhrat Hakimul Ummah, Hadhrat Shaikhul Islam and specially Hadhrat Maulana Khalil Ahmad (RA) have been closely attached to this institution.
For a long time Maulana Hakeem Muhammad Abdullah Mughisi the well-known scholar of India has been taking the charge of this madrasa. Under whose patronage the madrasa has progressed in the field of education and construction remarkably.
The madrasa also offers education of Junior High school and computer and handicraft as well. May this madrasa progress! May Allah save it from each and every evils and mischief! May its workers develop courage and sincerity and may He give good reward to all its supporters. Amen!
All the brethren in Islam are requested to support this madrasa more and more and receive grand reward! Surely, Allah does not nullify the reward of the virtuous.
Muzaffar Hussain Al-Mazahiri
(Ex- Nazim and Mutawalli Mazahir Uloom Waqf Saharanpur)

From: Professor Dr. Maulana Abdullah Abbas Nadwi Makkah
To: Hadhrat Maulana Shaikh Muhammad Abdullah Mughisi
Assalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb.
With the reference of your letter dated 22 Shawwal 1421 Hijrah and with the reference of telephonic invitation and the coming of Maulana Gulzar Sahib I shall pay my heartiest congratulation to Jamia on completing a century and also pray for the deceased ones for their forgiveness and high status.
It shall be a great honour for me to participate in this meeting but due to some reasons that since my wife is accompanying me and she is somehow ill that is why it is very difficult to leave her alone. If the circumstances are favorable then surely I will participate in the meeting.
I received your letter which you sent by post. I also talked Maulana Gulzar Sahib. Rest is fine.
Abdullah Abbas Nadwi (Mecca)
Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Hamiduddin Husami Aqil (RA) AP
Alhamdulillah, today on 9 September 2002, I chanced to visit Jamia Islamia Arabia Gulzar-e- Hussainia Ajrara and inspected the buildings of madrasa and offered Zuhr salah in the mosque. On this non-educational atmosphere and far off village I felt immense pleasure to see a great mosque better than the mosque of many big cities and the buildings of madrasa with the continuous efforts of Maulana Mughisi Sahib. My happiness doubled when I observed the extraordinary hard work of students and teachers and the administrative system. It also added my happiness when I heard that in this far off place there are nearly 500 students who are provided boarding and loading facilities while 1200 students are non-residential. May Allah give good reward to Maulana for his efforts! May this madrasa progress day by day under his patronage and receive the status of grand Arabic university. May Maulana live long! May Allah accept the services of its teachers! May the students shine as the moon and sun of knowledge and practice! I am thankful to Maulana that he provided me a chance to visit this madrasa and obliged me.
Muhammad Hamiduddin Husami Aqil
Founder and Mohtamim Jamia Islamia Darul Uloom
Hyderabad, AP (9 September 2002)

Hadhrat Maulana Marghoobur Rahman Bijnori (RA)
Ex-Mohtamim Darul Uloom Deoband
Long I heard the name of Madrasa Gulzar-e-Hussainia Ajrara and now I am here. I felt immense pleasure to see the services rendered by it for religious sciences. The struggles of Hadhrat Maulana Abdullah Sahib and his companions are praiseworthy due to which this madrasa is marching ahead on road to progress. I pray Allah that He give it more progress under the patronage of Maulana Abdullah Sahib and increase its virtues and blessings and keep it forever. Amen!
Marghoobur Rahman
14 May 1983

Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Salim Sahib Qasmi
Mohtamim Darul Uloom Waqf Deoband
I have been observing regional centrality of Madrasa Islamia Arabia Ajrara, Dist Meerut on my repeated visit. This madrasa is fortune enough to have such great personality as its patronage whose hearts were illuminated with sincerity and good deeds.
It is the fortune of this madrasa that the academic and administrative skills of Maulana Mohammad Abdullah Mughisi a product of Darul Uloom Deoband are available to it. The progress which this madrasa has done under him is praiseworthy. It is an open poof of friendly management, good performance, academic diligence, adequate training and loading system that the students of far off places visit this madrasa. This residential institution houses 800 students out of which 250 students are outsider. May Allah accept the services of its staffs and the well-wishers felicitous for the services of this institution!
Muhammad Salim Qasmi
Darul Uloom Deoband
20/03/1404 AH

Hadhrat Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Rabey Hasani Nadwi
Nazim Nadwatul Ulama Lucknow
President All India Muslim Personal Law Board
A few years ago on 6th March I visited Jamia Islamia Gulzar-e-Hussainia along with Maulana Sayyid Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi (RA). At a time the mosque of Jamia “Riyazul Jannah” was about to complete. Moreover, the Technical Institute, Darul Iqamah, Darul Quran, Dining Hall and other academic and residential projects were in the stage to complete. The compilation of this huge project in a short span of time is only the hidden support, and the supplication of elders and the sincere and inexhaustible struggle of Maulana Muhammad Abdullah Mughisi and his companions. Nearly from a hundred years this Jamia was running on a limited basis. Now it is being expanded day by day since Maulana Abdullah Sahib took over it in his hands. It is hoped that it shall be the Darul Uloom of this area in a few days. Hadhrat Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi always took keen interest in this Jamia and was concerned about it. Also the authorities of Jamia were greatly attached to it. We pray for  its expansion and progress. Amen!
Muhammad Rabey Hasani Nadwi
Muhammad Wazeh Rasheed Hasani Nadwi
Muhammad Khalid Nadwi/Abdul Aziz Bhatkali Nadwi
Ishaq Hasani Nadwi / Mahmoodul Hasan Nadwi
5 March 2006


Hadhrat Maulana Khalilur Rahman Sajjad Nomani, Lucknow
Yesterday evening I visited Jamia Islamia Gulzar-e-Hussainia Ajrara on the call of Maulana Muhammad Abdullah Mughisi and stayed there one night. Instead of any formal meeting I met the teachers and students frankly and talked them. I also learned about the history of Jamia, present activities and future plans in detailed through the active disciples of Maulana Abdullah Sahib now who are the teachers of this Jamia such as Maulana Aas Muhammad Gulzar Qasmi, Maulana Aqeel Ahmad etc. In short, whatever I observed and whatever I heard and whatever I felt it filled my heart with pleasure and impressed me a lot, it cooled the eyes, also my belief and trust got firm root on the acceptance of elders and about the righteousness of our elder’s modus operandi.
May Allah grant special progress and acceptance to this institute! May Allah stabilize more and more the status and love of this madrasa in the heart of its teachers and students which I found more in contrary to other institute! May Allah give prosperity to the services and life of Maulana Muhammad Abdullah Mughisi who is the whole and sole of this Jamia and the candle of assembly the fragrance of whose high morale, agile sprit and delicacy of mode is felt in the whole area openly!
I also request to Maulana and all the teachers and staff of Jamia to pray for me as I need it. I request to Maulana Muhammad Abdullah Mughisi Sahib on the inner voice of my heart and due to dire need that he should inform the administration and Mohtamims of religious madrasas about the principles how to run a madrasa in the light of his experience rather he should turn towards their training and guidance. Perhaps he is the most fitting person for the same.
Khalilur Rahman Sajjad Nomani Nadwi
Editor, Al-Furqan, Lucknow

Hadhrat Maulana Iftikharul Hasan Sahib
Dear Maulana Muhammad Abdullah Sahib
Assalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb.
Hope you are doing well. I received your two letters. I was not feeling well after Ramadan but somehow I am feeling better from last two weeks so I intended to visit. But two days earlier I set out on a journey of Miranpur Sikandarpur and I had the attack of diarrhea again and my health was down to a great extent hence I put forth this request feeling ashamed as I am unable to come there. Please accept it. Please find one thousand rupees for zakah for the students and accept it. I have intended to come there many a time but I could not come there more than once. It was the native place of my teacher Hadhrat Mufti Saeed Ahmad Sahib. Hence I yearn to visit the place time and again. In-shaAllah I shall come again. I am sending Molvi Asjad Nazim Madrasa Gumbadan Panipat with this letter.
Iftikharul Hasan Kandhala
6 Muharram 1422 AH

From: Hadhrat Maulana Dr. Sayeedur Rahman Azmi Nadwi
(Mohtamim Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama & Editor In-Chief Al-Ba’th Al-Islami, Lucknow)
To: Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Abdullah Mughisi Sahib
(Mohtamim Jamia Islamia Gulzar-e-Hussainia Ajraa)

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
Hope this letter finds you in good health!
Alhamdulillah, I came back safe and sound along with your valuable reverence and benefaction. I saw a strange scene in the area about your acceptance and love. It lasted a good impression over me. And I was able to judge rightly about your sincerity. It is merely the blessings of Allah that he gave us a chance to participate in this grand function of Jamia and to gain something from there. The programme was managed well and was filled with the spirit of objectivity. The devotion of all the teachers and adherence of all the students and their contribution to work for the success of the programme wholeheartedly was their great characteristic which cannot be described in words completely.
The bliss and honour which I received as a result of participation in this programme it is indescribable. Neither the pen nor the tongue can draw the true picture of it. I am very much thankful to you for this honour from the core of my heart. I hope that you would remember me in future as well. Please convey my regard to all also my request for dua. Hope you are well.
Sayeedur Rahman Al-Azmi
3 Muharram 1422

Hadhrat Maulana Asrarul Haque Qasmi New Delhi
Jamia Gulzar-e-Hussainia Ajrara, Dist Meerut, UP, has completed the splendid services of its educational and propagating the religion and now is entering into the second century. It has created a good record of its standard education, promotion of religious and modern education and making religious atmosphere in the area for the remarkable sacrifices of its forefathers, ancestors, and struggles specially by the sincerity and godliness and day and night’s hard work, whose living examples are the graduates and Hafizs of this Jamia who are serving across the country the religions education and stabilizing it. Also the splendid constructions of the Jamia are their examples that show its greatness and grandeur.
I pray for the progress of this Jamia. I hope that this madrasa shall perform splendid services for the propagation of religion and its survival and safety in the twenty first century under the aegis of Hadhrat Maulana Abdullah Sahib.
Muhammad Asrarul Haque Qasmi
Assistant Secretary General (All India Milli Council)
14 November 1999

Professor Akhtarul Wasey Sahib
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
I am very much thankful to Allah that he blessed me the visit of Jamia Gulzar-e-Hussain Ajrara through Kamal Farooqui Sahib and in the company of brother Chaudhary Rahat Mahmood. It was a great honour for us to meet Hadhrat Maulana Abdullah Mughisi Sahib who is the monumental and example of Salaf. The expectation which I had with Maulana and his companions specially Maulana Gulzar Qasmi Sahib and his work it cannot be expressed in words. May Allah keep long his name and work and make it imitable for the coming ones. Amen!
Professor Akhtarul Wase
Chairman Zakir Hussain Institute of Islami Studies
Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi, 110025
11 November 2001
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