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How to Donate Jamia
The well-wishers of Jamia Gulzar-e-Hussainia Ajrara, Meerut wishing to render help in cash, may pay it to the Madrasa Administration, Safeers and Muballighin appointed by Jamia to collect donations for various regions. Donors are requested not to forget to take the receipt of their donations from the respective persons.
Or, they may directly send their contributions via Money Order, DD or Cheque to the following address. Having received the money you shall, in-sha-Allah, be delivered the receipt at your given address.
You may also deposit or transfer your amount directly in the following bank account of Jamia:

Bank Name Branch Account Name A/C Numbers IFSC Code
National Bank


You are requested to send us the transaction details after you deposit/transfer the amount in the above bank account via email at: or call at: 9568704786/9412706634/9528923766/9758637622, so that we confirm the receipt.
For Cheques and Drafts write:     “JAMIA GULZAR E HUSAINIA AJRARA”
You are requested to mention the mode of the amount (i.e. as zakah, sadqah etc) in case you send the money for modes other than Imdad. Jamia maintains such funds separately and spends them in their proper places.
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