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Wudhu Khana and Bathrooms
Alhamdulillah, all the students and teachers have started residing in new building and all the departments except of Hifz have been shifted to the same building. As a result they have some requirements. So far Masjid Riyazul Jannah (Faiz-e-Rasheedi) has not requisite Wudhu Khana and regular toilet and bathrooms. However, the project is in progress. We need 10 lakh rupees to furnish this project. We are trying our level best to meet the expenses. We request all the well- wishers to contribute towards it.
Books for Dawra Hadith, Ifta and other Classes
Jamia started Dawra Hadith and Ifta classes in view of its antiquity and good reputation and on the instant request of its elders and headmen. However, the patronage of these people and the completion of the buildings and some resources especially the availability of Dar al-Hadith and Arabic classes encouraged us. However, we are in need of huge amount to buy the necessary and renowned books of Hadith and Ifta and some other textbooks and their keys. We require this amount in Ramadan. If you support in buying books for madrasa then it shall be sadaqah jariyah (continuous charity) for you. You may contribute books from your side as well for the isal-e-sawab of your deceased parents and family members. In conclusion we would like to elaborate that we are going to buy books for the reading rooms of Arabic classes for which we need three lakh rupees urgently.
New Guest House
The well-wishers, supporters and those attached to Jamia keep on visiting it continuously. Jamia is in dire need of a new guest house in Dar-e-Jadid area for the comfort, hospitality and easiness of those who come here to observe the new constructional and educational projects. We appeal all the well-wishers for their generous support in the holy month of Ramadan. The total estimated cost of this project is nearly 7 lakh rupees.
Mess and Dining Hall
A grand building has been erected adjacent to Gulzar-e-Hussainia Junior High School with the name of Mess and Dining Hall. The building shall include grain godown, slaughter house, flavor mill, wheat cleaning machine, canteen, staff room, wood godown etc. Alhamdulillah, mostly the work has been completed yet we require huge amount for the compilation of this project. We request all the well-wishers to contribute in the holy month of Ramadan as well after it and receive reward from Allah.
New Campus (Madrasa Ayesha Lil-Banat)
The education department of Jamia felt it vividly that the space of madrasa is insufficient in view of the score of girls. We searched for space in the surrounding area. However, we found a space adjacent to Dar-e-Qadim (Old Campus). However, we got designed its plan. So far one floor of the same has been constructed. At hand the girl students taught computer, tailoring and embroidery courses besides primary classes. The total cost of this building is nearly 11 lakh rupees. Allah the Almighty shall arrange for the same. We request the well-wishers to pay special attention towards it.
 Teacher’s Quarters
Jamia needs at least half dozen houses (family quarters) in order to meet the residential requirement of its teachers for the same the land has been specified. We need 13 lakh rupees immediately to complete this project.  We request to those attached to Islamic madrasas and Ulama to extend their helping hands for the same.
The spacious building of hostel is available for the students in Dar-e-Jadid (new campus), but so far only the ground floor of the three storied proposed building has been completed which is used by the students for last 10 years but it is insufficient in view of the current requirement. In order to complete its first floor we are in need of 20 lakh rupees. We hope that all the brethren in Islam shall take it seriously and make it a treasure for their life hereafter.  
Primary and Junior High School
Along with the correction of beliefs, reformation and basic religions education, this school set by Jamia in order to equip the little ones with modern education is offering its educational services for both boys and girls, small children in different primary and junior sections. Now the existing building has turned to be insufficient. In view of the increasing number of students day by day and the educational requirement we require at least 25 lakh rupees for the same as well. We strongly belief that all those well-wishers who love education and learning shall contribute in this noble cause and lead ahead this educational mission and help in its construction work.
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